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Engineering and Modernization

Analysis of existing systems and elaboration of suggestions for upgrade and higher productivity.

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Reduction of maintenance

Analyses of current exploitation and need for continous operation.

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Failure detection

Complete investigation of running problems for elaboration suggestions for stabilisation of operation.



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Increase of productivity

Supply of state of the art equipment for more stable production and higher product quality.


Products and services

Hydraulic Systems is an engineering and manufacturing company for consulting, auditing, projecting and delivery of  components, partial or complete turnkey solutions. We are specialized water hydraulic or water based hydraulic (emulsion).

  • Descaling systems (GSR- Design) - direct descaling
  • Nozzles for industrial use and steel plants
  • Quenching of steel for improved mechanical properties
  • Roller cooling (headers, nozzles)
  • Consulting for hydraulic steel plant applications
  • Supply of various valves and general hydraulics
  • Special steel plant equipment

We support export activities from Russia into European Union also and cooperate with reliable forwarders and export/tax specialists.

Application range is:

  • High pressure application (descaling - GSR)
  • Drives for forge and extrusion presses
  • Rapid cooling (quenching) to get defined mechanical properties (Martensite, Bainite)
  • Roller cooling for more evenness of rolled material and extended lifetime of rollers, avoiding of spalling and fire cracks
  • Optimization for secondary cooling by use of program CRYSTAL (flat products) and BILLET (long products)


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Our Targets

  • Your partner for individual solutions
  • Quality and competence for components and systems
  • Flexibility for your requirements
  • Trust – basis of worldwide success

For investment, planning and/or  modernisation/revamps

  • Optimisation of existing systems
  • Analyse of faults
  • Reduction of spare part needs
  • Improvement of operation quality
  • Increase of profit
  • Engineering tasks
  • General engineering of hydraulic plants
  • Preparation of tenders
  • Start up supervision
  • Training
  • Service
  • Specialist counselling (for expertises)

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Efficient further processing:

  • less problem in downstream processes
  • higher quality output
  • high visibility of material surface for inspection
  • less rework in downstream processes
  • less surface defects
  • less wear and tear on metallurgical tooling
  • less material losses
  • higher quality output

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